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Another day in isolation

April 08, 2020

The nearest future seems gloomier than ever

With the spread of the CoronaVirus, many people are already subjected to the secondary effects of the virus.

As of the time of writing, a lot of homes are stockless. The raids are coming. The government still doesn’t give a damn.

The primary cause of the spread of the virus will be the home raids that are coming.

Afterwards, the deaths would be announced. As I predicted earlier, not less than 1/3 of Nigerians would die as a result of the virus.

It could be less. It depends on a number of factors. But ultimately, there would be terrible deaths. Long after more developed countries have defeated the virus.

The good thing is that help would possibly be available then.

The bad news is that the process of helping won’t be straigtforward. Most cariers would have had contact with other people. The virus would spread like wild fire. Destroying every family in its path.

Mehn, I’m most concerned about the secondary effects. The secondary effects would rain terror on the world, especially undeveloped countries.


There’s a possibility that the health facilities would break down to the extent that people would be needed to bury the dead and transport the sick. More healthy people would get infected. The death toll would rise.

Post Covid-19 Era

The world would be more tolerant of remote work. People would be health conscious. But ultimately, after 5 to 10 years, many would forget the havoc Covid-19 wrecked on the modern world.

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Primary author: Chukwujama Osinachi
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