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Day 8 of isolation

March 30, 2020

So, it’s been 8 days. Add 7 more to this and we would have a national disaster.

A lot could happen. For starters, there would be home raids. Poor men would raid the middle class and rich, just to get food to eat.

Then, there’d also be greater friction, the serious death casses would start popping up here and there. A lot of people would be dead withing a week

The coming week would be packed with activities. Mostly terrible activities.

The crime rate would sky-rocket. Many would morn. Imagine it reaches the villages. Many old grandmas and grandpas would die.

If things get out of hand. Everyone would start striving to be a survivor. Those who eventually survive would have to find a way to get resources to keep living.

Even after a cure is found. People would not be so ready to go into the world. The pandemic has spoiled a lot of plans. The remenants of humanity would restrategize and build better governments and better walls.

Covid-19. The worst thing that has happened to earth since I was born

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Primary author: Chukwujama Osinachi
I love engineering design and robotics. I also build websites and mobile apps! Follow me on Twitter