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First official day of strike

March 12, 2020

So, for most part of today, the library-loving, non-marlians jacked in the library. It was very full. Others just stayed at home, watching movies, gisting et al.

People in the library

So, I didn’t do much today. Only wondered why unexpected things come out in tests. ENG 307 test wasn’t as easy as most people expected.

Today being the official commencement day of the strike for FUTO gives you the chance to either jack for two weeks, or waste the two weeks. Eventually, the strike would be called of and classes would resume. Then we would have

  1. ENG 309 test
  2. ENG 305 test
  3. ENG 307 test version 2
  4. Stressful practicals
  5. Tutorial classes left and right
  6. Long, really long night study sessions. etc

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