Engineering Exploration

Day 1 in Aba

March 16, 2020

What exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about having a drive to positively improve your skill

So, you found yourself in a new city. You’re all you’ve got. Your only savior is Maps. I found myself in Aba today. I technically brought myself here. I’m more or less hoping that this Nacoss Conferences doesn’t turn out to be a flop

The major reason I came here is to connect with people who are into VR. I’m crazy about that field. I also want to deepen my connnection with industry leaders and get a spot on upcoming events.

Now, on the subject of skill aquisition. You may have noticed that doing something over and over again without following the best practices would lead to poor skills. People who do public speaking for example don’t get better at public speaking if they don’t analyze speaches made by great speakers and learn from them. It’s the same with writing, coding, dancing, etc. Everyone has something new to learn. Everyone should be learnable.

I guess that’s my summary of the day. I’d probably look into fourier transforms and series today. I’ve gotta stay aflot. Feel free to contact me with the link below (on your mobile device).

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Primary author: Chukwujama Osinachi
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